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We are reinventing what it means to ‘earn a living’

Here at The Coaching Masters, we help people just like you become online life coaches with their own freedom-based and passion-led online coaching business. You don’t need to ‘earn’ an income anymore if you work smart using the internet, and a ‘living’ is only enough to exist. Coaching can help you create financial freedom, whilst feeling fulfilled knowing you’re doing good in the world. Sound good? Read on…

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CoachApp is for those looking for personal coaching and those who want to become a life coach with their own passion-led and freedom based online business!


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Connect with coaches & people seeking coaching from all over the world. A key element of learning is WHO you learn with. We run our own private, safe, social network that allows students to collaborate, network and come together to enrich each other’s lives.


Users can purchase upgrade options on the application to grow as a person by accessing a range of education digital products.



Experience the real-life spark from meeting members all over the world.  Whether its coffee, breakfast, our weekly workshops, our annual firewalking event, or the dozens of local meet ups happening all over the globe, you’ll get chance to put down the laptop and poke some humans on your journey too!


The newer and safer way to exchange coaching services. Find your perfect client, find your perfect coach, or offer skill swaps to achieve your goals!


Case Studies

I got my second high ticket client! And I will start with her this week! I’m so excited about it! This all happened while I was in Greece for 2 months during the winter – working on my coaching biz!

This feeling when a dream slowly becomes reality… So excited… So proud…

I couldn’t have done it without the support of people from this outstanding community! Thank you all!

Lisa Grum

Holistic Health and Hydration Coach

I’m a bit shaking as I write this and with a heart full of gratitude. I just got my FIRST paying client for $1497 with a 12-week program without even offering. It blows my mind and heart. I overcame my own limiting beliefs with strong results!

If you doubt yourself now, I felt that too! You’ve got everything you need, it’s all within you. Thank you so much TCM family for all your support and encouragement! Let’s coach our way to freedom!

Tsamara Fahrana Putrityas

Human Design Coach

So in 4 months I have managed to sign enough clients to pay back my investment into coaching and the additional programmes I have also brought from TCM and others. My focus is to now level up to cover my income that I have lost by stepping away from working an industry for 20 years.

I am doing that now .. With my accounting voice on I HAVE MY ROI NOW!!

Keep going .. you are so nearly there ..
If you are still undecided .. DO IT!

Kirsty Birch

Mindset and Business Coach


Education Platform

Global change and new technologies like AI are disrupting work and careers. Traditional education never prepared you for this. We teach you how to thrive in this new world — with education that really matters for 2022 and beyond. These tools & techniques aren’t just learned from a book, they come from real-life personal transformations, as well as being accredited by IAPC&M, CMA and IPHM.

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How to create a simple freedom-based business that gives you the lifestyle you’re looking for (and why coaching is a complete no brainer in 2022!)
The exact steps to getting started and making a part or full-time income with online coaching, and how to get your very first paying client
The simple framework that shows you how to help people even if you feel you have nothing to give, and why you don’t need to be an expert.

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